Branding for Business

Having a well conceived brand identity can elevate your business above & beyond your competitors. Branding is the visual heartbeat of your business, it is how your busness is perceived in the eyes of your customers.

In this modern online world a brand must work harder and smarter, it must adapt and work on various mediums such as websites, social media, marketing, advertising, stationery, brochures, sinage and much, much more.

We like to think of ourselves as business advisors when it comes to brand design, we get to know your business, understand it, dissect it layer by layer, so that we can create an effective brand that works.

Ultimately your brand image needs the care and attention it deserves and our expertise will ensure just that. We look beyond just your logo, we investigate colours, typography, imagery, business sectors, research competitors, we investigate sales approaches, customer patterns and behaviours in effort to make your brand as perfect as possible.

Creative design is a collaborative process, and we involve clients from the beginning, as whatever we design has to work for you and your business. We DO NOT rush branding, we always research, sketch, develop ideas, then refine these ideas until we produce what we believe will be a memorable brand.