Web Design & Web Development

Websites evolve at a rate that can seem hard to keep up with. The biggest recent change is the increasing use of smart phones, which according to Google 50-70% of websites are now being viewed on a mobile device. Websites must adapt to various screen sizes (commonly know as a responsive website), which has prompted Google to introduce sophisticated algorithms to their search engine which will check if a website adapts to a mobile device.

When designing for digital platforms, branding needs to be present and displayed correctly just as it does in print. However when approaching online projects we must think a little differently, we must take into account User Experience (UX) and Social Signals (social media), as the way a user interacts with a website is vastly different to print.

Designing & developing for digital is a specialised craft, it requires skill and know how to ensure an online project is more than just pretty visuals. Websites need to generate results and direct traffic to key areas increasing the chance of a sale or contact.

Our preferred CMS development platform is WordPress, with it's vast array of custom plug-ins and continual support worldwide. However we are more than happy to develop websites with other open source platforms such as Joomla, or e-commerce solutions such as Magento.

As an additional service we will get your new website SEO ready, by which we mean that we will set-up the initial requirements for which Google judges search engine rankings. This will give you the best platform for your newly created website to survive on the world wide web.