For the last few months we have been developing a new retail brand Fula Flavour, a West African inspired food production company.

Fula Flavour is the creation of Hawa Talbot, originally from the Fula Tribe of Guinea in West Africa, Hawa moved to the UK bringing with her delicious recipes and new flavours.

We have spent the last few months creating a carefully crafted and vibrant brand that was inspired by Hawa’s heritage and culture, whilst maintaining a western feel.

We also produced designs for their flagship product Djembe Hot Sauce, with the label expanding on the brand but also introducing elements specific to the product. The sun on the label is in fact both a sun and a Djembe drum top.

Last weekend Djembe Hot Sauce went on sale to the public at the Sheffield Moor Market. By all accounts the weekend was a great start for the business and feedback was positive.

So far, we are very happy with how things are going, we will post updates on social media as we go along.

…and the banana dumplings were super tasty combined with Djembe Hot Sauce, you really need to try them!


On a side note Forge Agency are in the middle of developing a shiny new website for ourselves, which we cannot wait to get out there, watch this space.

It has been a few years since we first met Adomast, and in those intervening years we have created a brand that has gone from strength to strength.

Adomast have seen the business grow and sales increase greatly and as sign of their success they have now moved into larger premises in Barnsley.

This is a fantastic example of a client that has developed a trust in our expertise, but perhaps more importantly we have developed a close working relationship which ensures what we design works for their business and achieves great results.

Recently we have revisited their company brochure due to the ever increasing range of products Adomast manufacture. During this process we spruced up the look and feel of the brochure and organised a photoshoot to introduce a new set of photos that we feel represents the growth and changes within Adomast.


Occasionally it is a great idea to head down to your local print shop and check first hand the prints as they come hot off the press.

press pass

This not only allows you as the designer to check that all your hard work has paid off and the design + colours are all present & correct, but it also allows you to get the client involved and take them along to see the magic happen.

press pass

press pass

The smells, the noise, the industrial feel is quite unique and well worth the trip.

press pass

press pass


… and finally, this will be our last blog post for a little while as we overhaul the website, with a new brand and lot’s of new work to show off, see you on the other side!


A few days ago Wellies a new sandwich bar and cafe opened in Sheffield and design understood were the team responsible for the branding.

Wellies are all about freshly made food, put together with care & attention, whether it is sandwiches, cakes or drinks. Take it from us, the food at Wellies is honest, down to earth grub and at an affordable price!


The owners approached us to create a brand that was fun, youthful and modern.

A colour scheme discussed, ideas flowed and these images are the beginnings of the brand coming together.


The owners decision on the shop exterior paint work was a bold move, but let’s face it, if you happen to be walking around Charles street we guarantee you will not miss Wellies! It’s like a bright orange shining beacon, hello look at us!




We have more design work to do for Wellies over the next few weeks, menus, promo items etc. and we will blog about those in due course, in the meantime why not visit Wellies facebook page to keep up to date with their latest offers and food photos




We are proud to show off the first images of a recent re-brand of our new client Adomast Manufacturing.

After winning a pitch toward the end of 2013 we have been tinkering away on a new brand for Adomast, here is a little taster of what we have been up to.


Sighting brand inconsistencies and an aged appearance, design understood set about modernising and reinventing Adomast from the ground up, we are very happy with how things are evolving, including making use of a lovely spot varnish finish on the business cards and product brochures.

Later this year we will be launching a catalogue brochure and website, watch this space.


design understood has begun work on a major website update to long term client udrive msm, the new web design incorporates a large space for photography, as we believe bespoke photography can vastly improve the professional image of your business and greatly improve the look of a web page / artwork where photography is involved.

We will be posting updates on-line about the website soon, in the meantime here are a few sample shots from the Lincoln photo-shoot.

Our branding adorns the fleet, and this modern mini is the flagship car.

It was a long day in Lincoln, but we feel we got some great shots to show off the business, we also took some time out to shoot a few business portraits.