Why Social Media is Vital to Business


If you already have a website but are not yet involved in social networking then you’re business is missing out. Seriously YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME!

This is no idle boast or scare tactics, it is the plain and simple truth.

So what’s changed to warrant all the fuss?

The sceptics out there may turn their nose up at the thought of Social Media and say things like it’s a kids tool, it’s not a business tool, unfortunately these people are sorely missing the point.

Social media’s importance, now more than ever, has become a huge factor in helping businesses today have success online.

Why you say, well let’s examine the facts…

Google search, Google+, Google Places help SEO

Google rules the internet, it’s a fact, there can be no argument that the no.1 search engine used today is Google.

If you own a website we are pretty darn sure you want your website to rank on their little search engine website.

Recently Google changed their search algorithms to take into account social activity (or signals). By having social media activity and interaction with people liking and sharing your news articles and website links, not only will this help promote your company website but push your website up the search engine rankings.

Another huge update to the algorithms is the expansion and merger of Google Places & Google+, Google are no fools and want you to use their services. Lets face it who can argue with them when they have the market in their hands.

How Google uses it’s own services together with it’s own search engine has become a very important social factor to determine search results. Correctly optimised Google Social pages will appear in results and help validate your website.

Google, Social Media and News Content

Another big SEO factor Google is taking into account is fresh, orginal and human written content which in turn is shared and reblogged by users on the internet.

Installing a news system on your website such as WordPress will give you a platform to write new content this then can be shared via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

These services can be linked together so you only have to post your news articles once and it will be spread across your entire network in an instant.

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Reviews & Google Authoring

You have your fresh new content and push it through social media, all is good, well nearly.

Google has also introduced results that take in the importance of verified websites, content and reviews.

One such tool to help this is Google Authoring, authenticity of an article or a post can really affect how Google ranks your content in their Google Search rankings.

A great way to verify your content (news articles) so it is available in Google searches is to sign up for Google Plus Authorship. What this does is allow you to link all new content directly back to your Google Plus profile page, so Google and on-line users know that all your content is from a trustworthy source.

Promoting your brand via Social Media

Millions of users use social media everyday, some people live and breathe social media, do you really want to ignore that huge potential market, that potential sale?

Customising your social media pages with your company branding and contact details will help give your company page that extra professional touch. However getting set-up with social media is all well and good, now comes the fun yet difficult part, getting followers and likes, achieved by promoting your business in the correct way.

Creating visual and interesting campaigns will go along way to help promote your business and attract users through to your social media pages. Remember more likes, re-tweets, shares will tell Google your web pages are relevant and push them up the search engines.

Some of the big players in social media, notably Facebook and Linked-In, offer the opportunity to advertise. They provide a detailed advertising management section which enables you to configure your social media advertising to target specific groups of people by location, age, occupation and much more.

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In Summary

Social Media is more than a natter on Facebook, it’s more than following a celebrity Twerking on Twitter, it is an information resource and Key to a business website performing to it’s fullest potential.

Google is changing by the day, and new algorithms are turning up all the time, but one thing that will not be changing any-time soon is the importance of Social Media and well written content.