Fun with 36 days of type

As busy design folk, we rarely have time to indulge in work outside of the day to day client projects. In the past we have considered participating in the 36 Days of Type event on Instagram (a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the alphabet,) it’s just we never had the time, really, never ever… but you see, spare of the moment decisions can happen, upon learning the event starts tomorrow, we caved in.

days of type

Due to work commitments we set our own mini rules, our concept was simply patterns ‘n’ shapes, and we decided to create letters within 15-30 mins max per letter. We also developed a changing incremental colour pattern for the letters and black / white for the numbers.

The end result was admittedly not perfect, but it certainly was challenging to produce something quickly and everyday, but most of all it was creative and fun!

Being spontaneous and dreaming up ideas quickly should come naturally to a designer (please do be aware far more effort goes into a client project!!!).

With more time and more pre-planning (not deciding to join in the day before!) we most certainly would of produced something different. In the end it was a fun experience and tested our speed, if we get time next year, perhaps we will go all in.

For more info on the event visit, there are some truly amazing submissions, check it out.