New Retail Brand Fula Flavour

For the last few months we have been developing a new retail brand Fula Flavour, a West African inspired food production company.

Fula Flavour is the creation of Hawa Talbot, originally from the Fula Tribe of Guinea in West Africa, Hawa moved to the UK bringing with her delicious recipes and new flavours.

We have spent the last few months creating a carefully crafted and vibrant brand¬†that was inspired by Hawa’s heritage and culture, whilst maintaining a western feel.

We also produced designs for their flagship product Djembe Hot Sauce, with the label expanding on the brand but also introducing elements specific to the product. The sun on the label is in fact both a sun and a Djembe drum top.

Last weekend Djembe Hot Sauce went on sale to the public at the Sheffield Moor Market. By all accounts the weekend was a great start for the business and feedback was positive.

So far, we are very happy with how things are going, we will post updates on social media as we go along.

…and the banana dumplings were super tasty combined with Djembe Hot Sauce, you really need to try them!


On a side note Forge Agency are in the middle of developing a shiny new website for ourselves, which we cannot wait to get out there, watch this space.