Working Safely

We hope you are all safe and well, the last few months have been difficult and some of the most challenging times for business in recent history.

The difficulties we all are facing due to the Corona Virus is monumental, we are sure most of us know of / or have loved ones who are key workers and worry on a daily basis for their safety. The work they have done and are doing is amazing and they deserve all the praise they can get.

However the world needs to keep moving (safely) and businesses need to continue otherwise the economy will be in trouble.

At Forge we have monitored the situation and have decided we can run our business remotely until we deem it safe to meet people face to face. This will bring it’s own set of problems, but safety of both Forge staff and clients are of the upmost importance.

We do not believe the number of infections are low enough and we have vulnerable members of staff that we cannot chance exposure too.

Making Conversation

As always the good old fashioned telephone is one option for communication and of course email exchanges are standard.

Forge are also open to video calls, we have access to webcams and we can use platforms such as Skype, iPhone FaceTime, Zoom, WhattsApp or other software options upon request.

All we require for video calls is some forewarning so we can get everything set-up.

We are also open to conversations via social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Simply follow us and we will follow back to allow Direct Messages.



We have been using collaboration software for sometime now, this allows Forge to remotely present and interact with web designs and prototypes online. This will allow us to go through proofs and ideas with you directly in real-time, making notes and amends together on the fly.

If necessary we could open this option up to some print designs.


One of our supplementary services photography is only available on a case by case basis. There would be certain criteria that would need to be met in order to allow a photographer to visit a client. If it is product photography, we will work from our homes if viable.

Going Forward

Ensuring working processes are in place will enable us to continue our services more or less as normal. We really do believe in face to face interaction, hopefully one day we will be back there, have a brew and natter away!

This virus has not been culled in the UK and many hundreds of deaths are still happening. WE WILL do our part and be available to work for you when needed in a safe way.

Lets get business up and running, but please be safe and maintain social distancing.

The Forge Team