Branding Wellies – Lovingly Made Food

A few days ago Wellies a new sandwich bar and cafe opened in Sheffield and design understood were the team responsible for the branding.

Wellies are all about freshly made food, put together with care & attention, whether it is sandwiches, cakes or drinks. Take it from us, the food at Wellies is honest, down to earth grub and at an affordable price!


The owners approached us to create a brand that was fun, youthful and modern.

A colour scheme discussed, ideas flowed and these images are the beginnings of the brand coming together.


The owners decision on the shop exterior paint work was a bold move, but let’s face it, if you happen to be walking around Charles street we guarantee you will not miss Wellies! It’s like a bright orange shining beacon, hello look at us!




We have more design work to do for Wellies over the next few weeks, menus, promo items etc. and we will blog about those in due course, in the meantime why not visit Wellies facebook page to keep up to date with their latest offers and food photos